Kirsty and Tommy in 2008   

What we were upto in 2008


While we were waiting, Maxine, Anthony, Kenzie and Emmy visited us








We went on several visits to Abu Dhabi's Sheik Zayed Mosque - more of which can be seen on the Abu Dhabi Page


Spot which sibling lives in a hot country!

We went to Michael and Jenny's wedding - Tommy and the guys

The WABS (wives and boyfriend!)

Sign in Edinburgh airport!



Lenny came to stay




Tommy's birthday

For Eid which fell at the end of Ramadan we went to a place called Liwa, which is in the middle of the worlds largest sand desert - part UAE, part Saudi Arabia, part Oman and Yemen - difficult to tell where anything is in those non stop dunes!






In October we joined our friends Mary and Jay on their honeymoon in Oman! Only for 2 days, so as not to cramp their style too much!

We drove to Muscat through the stunning Hajar Mountains












The year started with us waiting for Basil to arrive in Abu Dhabi

And then Indigo Christina was here - 2nd March, 2008




Later in March we went on our first family of 4 holiday to Oman and Fujairah


In May we had a trip to the UK

Kirsty and the girls out with the Rotherham girls

And with Kathryn and Thomas

We spent some time in the Cairngorms, where Kirsty used to spend her holidays as a child

And we got the whole Brewis family together



Back in Abu Dhabi we enjoyed a few weeks of summer before the 50+ degree temperatures meant we had to retreat indoors for a few months

Our identikit daughters - Indy on the left, Saffy on the right


In August we went on our family holiday to Jordan and Syria - which was an amazing trip - see Kirsty's travellogue by clicking on the pic below


We hung out at the pool a bit too!



Kirsty spent a lot of time this year trying to juggle (sometimes quite literally) motherhood and her photography/design business  which is slowly taking off in Abu Dhabi

Tommy, Saffron and Indigo can't escape being models!!








In December we visited our friends Melanie and Marty in Delhi and travelled further afield to Amritsar with them too - another trip to some truly amazing places - click on the pic of us for more pics



Kirsty's Mum and Dad came to visit for Christmas

Tommy took Martin on a tour of his site - vertigo inducing!!

And Indigo had her first Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy 2009


At the beach 2 days before Basil arrived


Saffy loved her little sister, and wanted to do everything Mummy did!







We saw lots of family and friends - most of whom feature on the girls individual webpages

Saffy learnt to milk cows! and met lots of new animals

Including a reindeer called Indigo!

For one day only, Kirsty returned to her former career as a ski instructor and give Saffy her first lesson
















September was Ramadan so Tommy got off work early and we did lots of outdoor stuff with the girls - despite the crazy heat - it was still 40 degrees +!

We went to the National car museum




For Bonfire night we went to the British Club which had a full on fireworks display and bonfire!