Kirsty and Tommy in 2009   

What we were upto in 2009

In February Nai Nai and Yeye visited again on their way back from New Zealand












Singapore airport - statue of a woman with a baby on her back

star ferry

HK tram

Indy's first trip to China - on the train up to Guangzhou

We met up with some old BV colleagues

In Singapore with Georgie and kids


The summer saw lots of trips to the beach



Tommy's sister Jo and her boyfriend Wil joined us on holiday



We went to Oman at Eid

The girls with some of their friends having ice cream





We stayed in homestays and the girls loved having gardens to run around in!!

In the back of an autorickshaw - the girls loved them - Saffy sang constantly whenever she get in one!!
















January started with the beach, Kirsty's birthday and Chinese New Year

February was Saffy's birthday

We went to Fujairah on the East coast of UAE for a weekend - driving through sand storms!



In March it was Indigo's first birthday


Late March took us back to Hong Kong and Guangzhou where we got to catch up with lots of friends

We made it to the HK rugby 7's!

Saffy falls asleep EVERY time we go to a rugby 7's!

Indy partied on though!

T and K at Katie and Grahams wedding

Kirsty and Saffy with Gabe





In April we went to Womad on the beach in Abu Dhabi for 2 days - it was fab!


We have this pic of us HUGE on the wall at home!









In July we went back to Jordan again

You can see more about the trip on Kirsty's blog here or here

Saffy and Wil at the pool

Saffy and Auntie Jo








Saffy started school in September

Kirsty's Mum and Dad came back again in October

Anna came to visit in November









And at the end of November we went to India for a week in the sun in Kerala

We went on a houseboat for a night

with out boat boys


And that's us so far - more updates to come - and more of what we've been upto on Kirsty's blog

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!



Kirsty spent most of the year with a camera in one hand!









happy to be back at our fave pizza place in HK!

Evil girls get together

Back at T's fave German bar!

We introduced Indy to our old maid

with Junko and Leila

In Singapore with George, Eamonn and Kara


Tommy and Saffy floating in the dead sea

And Kirsty and Indy floating




Saffy celebrated National day by getting a tattoo done at school - I'm sure they couldn't do that in the UK without parental consent!!!


Kirsty photographing whilst carrying 2 kids!!