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Selection of Wedding Photos - The first set of photos from the actual big day!

Photos of the ladies - with a special tribute to Hats!!!

Ladies page 2

Guys Page - lots of pics of the guys looking pretty hot all dressed up

Photos from the Table Cameras

These cameras yielded some very amusing photos - some of which are unsuitable for publication here (no prizes for working out who!!) The first few pictures of each are easily identifiable with each table - however, once it started getting dark things went a bit hazy and it seems to have become a free for all to see who could take the most photos of themselves on the most different cameras...!! Hence the latter pictures for each table bear no real resemblance to who was actually on that table!!!

Click on the papercut to see the photos from each table.

MONKEY - Kirsty, Tommy, Maureen, Martin, Anne, Tommy Snr, Shuba and Michael
RAT - Alasdair, Elizabeth, Auntie Teen, Auntie Sue, Uncle Brian, Auntie Rosemary, Auntie Jeanie, Fiona
OX - Joanne, Dave, George, Sue, Aunt Linda, Derek, Aunt Maggie, Norman
GOAT - Tricia, Lee, Penny, Tim, Anna, Sam, Vessa
PIG - Steven, Bernice, John, Jill, John, Liz, Helen, Auntie Marjorie
ROOSTER - Kathryn, Dave, Allie, Paul, Lenny, Jan, Estee
DOG - Robert, Jenny, Stuart, Liam, Ellie, Alan, Lucy
DRAGON - Mary, Alex, Simone, Niels, Julie, Andy, George
HORSE - Sarah, Rob, Paula, Angus, Emma, Mickey, Hady
SNAKE - Gina, Rob, Jonny, Rhona, Jo, Phil, Victoria, Elizabeth
RABBIT - Sarah, Adrian, Euan, Gary, Danny, David, Leigh, Claire 
TIGER - Aunt Bell, Uncle Tom, Auntie Anita, Uncle Peter, Leah, Andrew, Gwen, Bethany



Photos from the Belfast Celebration - Friday 13th August, 2004



Hong Kong Party - 12th November 2004
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