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We both appreciate that many of you will want to give us a gift to celebrate our wedding and we would love to receive lots of lovely new presents, but as we live overseas we face issues which are not common to traditional gift giving – mainly that we live in a tiny flat and it’d be logistically impossible for us to bring all of the wonderful gifts you’d give us back within a 20kg luggage allowance!!! And beautiful breakable things are not something I’d choose to send by post!

So, we’ve decided not to have a wedding list as such but would prefer contributions our honeymoon.  We’re planning on taking a longish honeymoon to India, probably to Rajasthan, hopefully in the next year (work leave permitting) and have included some of the things we’d like to do on that trip that you might like to treat us to. These are listed as Honeymoon Treats.  We’ve included links where we can so that you can see what you’d be buying for us (right click to open them in a new window) – and of course after we’ve been there will be lots of pictures so you can see exactly how it was.  Some of the items listed are expensive so you can chose to contribute to one of those instead if you’d like.

If you’ve been to India yourself and have a favourite hotel, restaurant or hideaway and want to share that with us we’d love to be treated to places or things you’ve loved too. We’ve both been to India before and done it “backpacker style” so would love to be spoiled and be treated by you to the trip of a lifetime for our honeymoon. Email one of us, or and if you want to nominate something and we'll update the website every now and then.

Most of the links are from touristy websites which we won’t be booking through – they’re just to give you an idea of where we’re intending to go – for a more general overview of the area try the lonely planet or Rajasthan tourism sites by clicking on these links:

If you really want to buy us something that’ll last the rest of our lives we’ve listed some things on the next page that we’d really like and appreciate or need. You can nominate something you’d like your money to go towards. These can be found below the Honeymoon list.



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NUMBER REQUIRED Bought or contributed to yet?
Dinner on a private floating pontoon on Lake Pichola £30 each 2 Thank you to Shane and Michaela
Udaipur – supposedly India’s most romantic city – Entry to the City Palace  and other sights in Udaipur  £20 each 2 Thank you to Uncle Billy and Aunt Sarah
Suite at the Lake Pichola Hotel Udaipur  US$170 each 2 Thanks!!


Trip to Pushkar an important Hindu pilgrimage site  £20 each 2  


Hotel in Agra £50 2 Yes - thank you!
Indulgent Ayuvedic massage at the Rajputana Palace Sheraton Hotel Jaipur £20 each 2 Thank you to Gary


Room upgrade in Delhi  £25 each 2 Thanks!


Dinner at the  Claridges Hotel restaurant Delhi -  25 each 2 Thanks to Bec and Nathan


Entry to the Taj Mahal – the world famous monument to love – what better place to visit on a honeymoon  £20 each 2 Thank you to Pete, Tara and Megan


One night at the Raj Villas Jaipur   US$260 per double (but it is supposed to be the best hotel in Rajasthan!) 1 Thank you to Jocelyn and Mary


Jaisalmer day sight seeing including Jaisalmer fort  £25 each 2 Thank you to ....
Day trip to Keoladeo Ghana National Park – World Heritage listed bird sanctuary £10 each 2 Thank you to Jo and Dave
Chittorgarh – Rajasthans most historically significant fort £15 each 2
Train to Jaipur  $10 each 2 Thank you to Clare


Jodhpur – day trip and entry to the sights including the impressive Meherangarh  £25 each 2 Thanks


A 3 day camel trek in the desert near Jaisalmer  £50 each or with luxury tents £70 each 2 Thanks to all the TRC girls for letting us do this in luxury!
Overnight in a desert tent £20 each 2 Thanks girls!


Entry to the Amber Fort in Jaipur  £20 each 2 Thanks to Penny and Jenn


Champagne to go with a candlelit dinner £30 1 Thank you!


Overnight on the Palace on Wheels   £250 each per night!!! I am dying to go on this train because I’ve loved Indian train journeys so much so if several of you want to chip in together for this we’d love it!) 2 Thanks for contributions from Polly, Ed, Jessica and Benjamin


Hotel in Jodhpur £50 2 Thank you!


Entry to Agra Fort £10 each 2 Thanks


1st class sleeper train  £15 each 2 x 4 trains 1 1st class journey contributed


Entrance fee to Itimad ud daulah £10 each 2 Thanks


A day in Ranthambhore Tiger sanctuary  £15 each 2 Thank you to Simone and Niels
1 night at Aman-i-Khas Resort

US$700 per night!!

Crazily expensive but totally amazing!!!

1 Thank you! You know who you are!


Train to Jaisalmer $10 each 2 Thank you


Hotel in Jaipur £50 2 nights 1 night stay so far thank you!
Day sight seeing in Bikaner – including Lalgarh Palace and Junagarh Fort £10 each 2  


Train to Jodhpur $10 each 2 Thanks to


Night at the Aman Umaid Bhawan Place in Jodhpur $US500 per night!! OK, we can dream!!! 1  3 contributions received - thanks!!!
Hotel in Jaisalmer £50 2 nights Thanks to Alex and Mary
Airfare from HK to Delhi £500 each!! 2 2 contributions made so far


Other things for our trip
  Smart backpack each – suitable for taking on trains and getting into posh hotels!! £100 each  


2 Thanks to Leonie and Michael and Michael and Jen
Head torches – for those early mornings going to see romantic sunrises....!!! £30  


2 Thank you to Ali and Liz
Emergency gin and Tonic fund – to combat malaria!  As much as you think we need!!  


  Thank you to Mike for the contribution
Emergency beer fund – for cooling those far too hot curries!  As much as you think we need!!  


  Thank you for contributions from Jo, Dave, Mary and Alex!!
Emergency Western Meal! £20  


  Thank you to Auntie Anita and Uncle Peter
Emergency “Nice hotel” fund – for when India gets too much for us! £50  


  Thank you!


Batteries and picture cards for the camera  £30  


  Thank you!


Honeymoon photo developing fund £50  


  One Contribution made so far
Souvenir shopping allowance £50  


  Thank you to Auntie Marjorie - we'll buy something housey!
Extra massage for the aching shoulders after too many train journeys! £30  


  Two contributed - thanks!!
Guidebooks £30  




Thanks for the Amazon vouchers!
Delhi Belly Fund!!!! (i.e. first aid kit!) £30  






Emergency taxi fund £30  






= accommodation    = transport     = wildlife    = food and drink

  = sight seeing   = relaxing!



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