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Yes, Tommy's finally married the old witch!!!

Well, at some point in the middle of November 2003 I came home from hockey training with Tommy and something odd was going on in our flat – all the lights were out bar one and there were flowers everywhere! When I turned round to ask what was happening Tommy was down on one knee and asking me to marry him!!! Obviously I said yes, or there wouldn’t be much point in this page!!! It was very well planned on his part, I was taken totally by surprise and he’d designed my beautiful ring himself and had it specially made, so it's a one off. I guess I’m a pretty lucky girl!


We decided that we'd like to have three different celebrations (very greedy I know!) so that we can share elements of our special day with our friends around the world - as the wedding was only a couple of weeks ago there's not much on here in the way of details yet but click on the Photos link for and we've posted a couple of photos to keep you going. Proper wedding photo albums will be created in time....

The ring - for all those who have been asking for pictures!!!

It's much more sparkly than it looks here but it was taken at night in our darkish flat!

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